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Why Us?

Our clients tell us we’re passionate – about our business and their results. That’s why we are growing to become one of the best contact center companies in Botswana. By delivering quality on every call, for every customer.

We invite you to learn more….

Why Us?

In today’s competitive landscape, addressing your customers’ exact needs is vital – or they go elsewhere. That’s why we’re much more than just a service provider; we’re a partner that’s wholly focused on your success.

We work to assemble a team that is right for your account. Our professional agents are hand-picked, extensively trained and continuously monitored and coached to become an extension of your internal team and ambassadors of your brand.

We deliver on our promise

Creating loyal, long-term, satisfied customers. Call centers are an important human touchpoint in a customer’s lifecycle, regardless of B2B or B2C, insurance or consumer goods.

We equip your business with a robust plan of customer engagement, uniquely designed to help you succeed.

Customer Engagement Management

Build & Manage Long Lasting Customer Loyalty

Each connection with your customers is a potential opportunity. It makes no difference who’s calling–a first-time customer seeking information or a longtime customer wanting satisfaction. We offer customized tools and expertise to manage all aspects of the customer journey. Our solutions are aimed at creating high-quality, personalized customer experiences that build long term loyalty.

Here’s how we do it:

Anticipating and acting on customer needs
The best service comes when you’re able to stay one step ahead–acting not reacting. That’s why we train our agents in the art of successfully establishing control of every connection, ensuring a positive outcome. We script our dialog to anticipate both the common and uncommon interactions so your brand maintains the respect and confidence of your customers.

Becoming indistinguishable from your brand
We work as an extension of your team–that’s the value of our unique engagement concept. Our agents are specially trained to speak in your brand’s unique voice and tone, adopting the key points of language for your business. The customer will know they are speaking to an experienced, knowledgeable team member from within your brand.

Encouraging Interactions
The strategies we custom build for your brand are heavily influenced by our vast expertise in all aspects of customer service, sales and marketing. We design a structured plan to help build upon your existing goals and encourage customers to immerse themselves in the experiences your brand creates.

Speaking in Conscious Conversations
Mechanical-sounding marketing calls make customers feel instantly apprehensive of your brand. We train our agents in the art of “conscious conversations” — a customized technique of interacting we’ve perfected through our time in service. They’re trained in preparation, tone and attitude, and the ability to adapt on the fly.

That means your call center will deliver high-quality, personalized customer experiences that foster brand loyalty. It can prove the difference between a campaign that generates great results at a low cost-per-sale, and one that burns through hundreds of agent hours with a poor close-rate and a high cost-per-sale.

Call Centre Optimization

Accurate forecasting, scheduling and real-time management

Successfully running a labor-intensive, high-volume environment like a call center requires a thorough understanding of workforce planning and forecasting. As a trusted partner we can help you save valuable time and money.

Contact Center Workforce Optimization
Managing a call center to run at maximum efficiency requires intricate levels of planning—it requires evaluating call arrival patterns and creating agent schedules in response to match supply and demand appropriately.

We establish staffing levels using key data assessments, plus a unique insight and intuition that we’ve developed in our time of industry success. This combination allows us to meet the service level agreements and performance targets we establish with our clients.

Strong intra-day management assures flexibility
Even with the best forecasting techniques, there can be unexpected challenges. Our intraday management processes allow us to make swift course-corrections and adjust our staff to alterations in call volume. Having this onsite leadership allows us to monitor workloads across all channels and make adjustments as needed.

Your brand won’t suffer from the customer frustrations over high hold times, nor will you pay for staff that’s not getting work done. It’s all about maintaining a vigilant eye on the workflow to ensure that resources are being allocated to your advantage.

Agent Training

Our dedicated investment into productivity and results

Call center training is a hallmark of our business. The value of a properly trained agent includes his or her immersion into your brand.

Contact Center Agent Training
The cornerstone of our agent training begins in the classroom. Agents are trained on your material/products/services, learning the nuances of your brand including your unique selling proposition and key messaging.

MimicSourcing, embracing your company and culture
The value of a properly trained agent is largely dependent on his or her immersion into your brand. We leverage the power of MimicSourcing ,a cost-effective process where we conform to our clients’ voice, style and terminology. It’s virtually impossible to tell work is being outsourced.

From day one, agents are trained to understand your brand, your values, and your goals and treat your customers the way you would want them to be treated. There is, in effect, a very thin line between us and you. To your customers, this feels like an authentic experience with your brand, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Exceptional teachers, superior methods
It’s our belief that consistency is a vital aspect of any meaningful training program. Our agents are taught by experienced instructors using the latest techniques in adult learning. That way we know the knowledge transfer of your brand’s key messaging will be routinely successful.

Added value from on-the-job training
Training doesn’t end in the classroom. Our agents receive continued training and development through our ‘’buddy learning’’ mentor program, on-the-job training, and one-on-one coaching and development sessions with their team leader.

It’s a considerable investment we make, but it comes through in our industry-high retention rates.