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Our clients tell us we’re passionate – about our business and their results. That’s why we are growing to become one of the best contact center companies in Botswana. By delivering quality on every call, for every customer.

We invite you to learn more….

Call Center Hiring

At Direct BPO we have developed a diligent hiring process to attract and retain the best of talents available. We are among one of the few call center service providers in the country who have a very high employee retention rates. This proves our credibility with regards to robust HR policies, favourable work environment and excellent job satisfaction levels. Hence, our employees are highly motivated to provide quality customer service to our clients present across the globe.

A candidate has to go through our 3-stage process of selection, screening and induction to become a member of Direct BPO. Each stage represents different levels of assessment metrics through which we carefully hire our employees.

How we select our candidates
We get a lot of internal referrals from our trusted employees and also from various other resources such as career page on website, advertisements on popular job search portals, social media, email etc. Here we select the best of the lot and schedule for an interview.

How we screen our potential employees
Potential employees have to go through a rigorous screening process where our HR Managers closely asses the candidate’s background, previous work history and qualifications. Screening is done by conducting a group discussion to check their communication skills, fluency, accent, pitch and their confidence.

After conducting our screening process, every employee must go through our detailed induction program where they get to know about the company’s vision and mission, the services we offer and our strict data security and privacy policies. Employees will be provided pre-process training which is relevant to their work assignment before starting their journey at Direct BPO.

We at Direct BPO leave no stone unturned in our hiring process and we recruit only the best of the lot. With an uncompromising hiring process, we are committed to provide an unparalleled customer service to our clients.

Call Center Infrastructure

Our robust and state-of-the-art infrastructure is at the base of our entire call center process. Our organization adheres to the global standards with regards to employee safety, security and training, protection against natural disasters and excellent backup plan in case of major power outage.

Our infrastructure comprises of:

  1. A robust call center technology
  2. Telco grade data center
  3. Fire prevention and protection system
  4. Multiple levels of power backup

Power Connectivity

We have made excellent arrangements to provide 24/7 services with respect to power connectivity. We know that businesses get hampered with a power failure and we have ensured that there are 2 levels of power source if there is a power outage for a long time. We have a generator which stores primary energy and acts as a failsafe if there is a power outage and if the generator fails then we have our UPS network center. All of our power devices have dual power supply and are fed via independent power paths.

Excellent Disaster Recovery Management
In case of any unforeseen circumstances, Direct BPO will resume operations in less than 4 hours by shifting its operations at its secondary / backup location which is the disaster recovery site enabling Direct BPO to provide seamless and uninterrupted services.

Inbound Voice
We provide our call center inbound solution which is based on Collab Internet Protocol Contact Center (IPCC). The Collab IPCC ensures that the customers can contact via multiple mediums such as phone, web chat or email.

Outbound Voice
Our call center infrastructure has distributed dialer. Our predictive dialer has 2:1 pacing and real time calling list along with preview modes of dialling, rule based dialling with rules like LIFO and FIFO instantaneously applicable.
At Direct BPO, we deploy CC software services for our contact capture and quality monitoring.

Features of our Call Center Solution

  • Advanced XML based IVR creator with text to speech and speech analytics functionality. IT can integrate with any kind of application / database
  • Inbuilt ACD acts as a brain of the system. It comes with advanced functionalities like skill based routing, roaming agents, live barge in, call forwarding etc
  • Default basic agent pop-up. Totally scrip based, campaign wise customizable CRM, can be used for rescheduling and re-churning calls
  • Predictive, progressive and preview modes of dialling, Rule based dialling with rules like LIFO and FIFO instantaneously applicable
  • 100% recording of all the calls, the voice log files can be searched based on various Meta tags
  • Advanced real time reporting which can be accessed over normal internet

Call Center Security Process

Outsourcing business operations has increasingly become an important business strategic tool for organizations across the globe. But many organizations have apprehensions about outsourcing, as they are worried about their security of their customers’ data. We, at Direct BPO, have robust security and privacy policies in place that strengthen the overall call center security process of our IT infrastructure from cybercrime threats.

We follow globally-adopted best practices in our call center security operations which ensure that your data is secure with us.

We understand that call center security is a critical aspect for high-performing businesses.

By using our in-depth industry knowledge we provide customized call center security grid which consists of unified solutions that addresses the unique needs of your business. Our broad based call center security process incorporates every security component to provide you a solid cost effective approach.

As call center operations consists of entry portals for employees, knowledge management systems, and email etc. All of these constitute to be a probable vulnerability for an enterprise. With our call center security protocols we support next gen business challenges. We also provide remote access to your company’s assets in a secure network which helps to increase productivity and reduce operating cost.

Call Center Security process at Direct BPO:

In the face of increasing cyber crimes across the globe, it is of supreme importance to address the call center security needs. Today, the call center security process will comprise an integrated security architecture which is designed and deployed in compliance with complex security requirements.
Designing security solutions that meets regulatory compliance is of paramount importance, as this can be proactively managed to maintain business reliability.

Our well established call center security infrastructure includes:

  • Firewall protection on a standby mode
  • Secure VPN communication
  • Antivirus suite for virus prevention and cure
  • Backup technology with
  • Intelligent disaster recovery option for quick recovery
  • Physical access controlled by biometric access control
  • VLAN based network (for different groups, processes, servers, etc.)
  • Spam filter for internet access & mail server
  • URL filtering application from surf control
  • Data access based on Layer 3 access lists for communication across VLANs
  • Restricted internet access at user level
  • Logging of internet access at user level
  • Storage via centralized servers
  • File system access based on user authentication
  • No email & internet access at Agent’s desktops
  • Profile based desktop access, which allows access to only required minimum applications.
  • No data storage access at local machines

Creating loyal, long-term, satisfied customers.Call centers are an important human touchpoint in a customer’s lifecycle, regardless of B2B or B2C, insurance or consumer goods.

We equip your business with a robust plan of customer engagement, uniquely designed to help you succeed.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

In today’s time, customer satisfaction is an important part of business wagon wheel, get this right and your customers will adore you, if not you will be in a lot of trouble for ignoring your customers. It can be a make or break situation if your customer satisfaction level rates are poor. In fact, the entire call center industry’s primary goal is to provide better customer satisfaction. With customers demanding round the clock support, it is very important that the customer service provided is of highest quality.

Direct BPO provides you an unprecedented customer service for your customers with an end-to-end call center quality assurance (QA) services.

Our call center quality assurance services are second to none and we have a considerable advantage over our competitors in this regard. With a strong penchant for keeping high QA standards, we deliver services that are unparalleled in the industry. Our employees handle each call with due diligence and provide quality customer service every time.

Call Center Quality

What separates us from the rest?

At Direct BPO , providing quality service is in our DNA and we commit ourselves to provide customer service that is of highest standard.

We adhere to high-quality standards and processes that have helped us to increase our productivity levels on a consistent basis.

We take feedback from our customers in a constructive manner and this has helped us to improve even further and run processes that meet their requirements.

We have an uncompromising hiring policy where employees have to meet our quality standards. Once they are hired, they have to go through a thorough induction and training program about our security and privacy policies to ensure they adhere to our quality standards.

Our highly efficient QM team will analyze all the calls that are being made and received by the call center agents for training needs analysis purpose.


At Direct BPO, we provide our customers with the state-of-the art infrastructure which separates us from rest of our competitors.

How we distinguish ourselves from the rest?

  • We provide you an easily scalable and distributed technology architecture
  • We incorporate multiple layers of redundancy to ensure business continuity
  • Our software allows you to track our call center agents’ performance anytime.
  • We have a 100% call recording policy and we provide our customers from start to finish recording of all calls for analysis and research.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure is not fixed for our call center services and can be customized depending on various factors such as:

  1. Depending on the level of complexity of project
  2. Call volume
  3. Skill level required of call center agents
  4. No. of hours / Term of contract

Please provide us with some information regarding your company and a sales agent will contact you post-haste to fully understand your business requirements.