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Every industry faces diverse challenges, however, all requirements and expectations converge in the need to increase competitiveness and succeed in the age of the digital customer.

Digital world, disruptive in any sense, is the principal challenge of any industry

Those, which drive the global economy, must react to the new consumer and to a globalized world.

Companies must adapt to some worldwide issues like regulations, accessibility and security. Public and private sectors must converge in order to reduce the digital gap, improve public policy and open the market for competitiveness.

Those industries make important contributions to the economy, which can improve and grow in order to face connected world challenges.

Every industry must see in technology and it´s applications the best ally to increase competitiveness.




The Telecommunications sector is both at the epicenter and the forefront of the digital revolution. More so today than ever, telecommunications companies demand a differentiated customer engagement model, providing superior digital and omni-channel customer care, increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

Direct BPO’s higher value added solutions combined with a world-class delivery platform and a talented human team aims to place our company locally as an undisputed leader and innovator in the sector. This will be achieved through the delivery of tangible and measurable results to telecommunications brands year after year.

Based on high-level consumer and business process intelligence, Direct BPO is able to deliver groundbreaking strategies to increase customers’ loyalty and improve business efficiency, helping telecommunications companies to become successful in an increasingly competitive and mature market.

The financial sector is one of the most important pillars of the global economy, however, as in all sectors, it must adapt to a constantly changing, challenging and growing environment. The internationalization and technological roadmap of the last twenty years have changed the finance industry´s landscape entirely. Driven mainly by the increased digitalization of the economy and changes in customers´ profiles, a whole industry has also profoundly transformed the way it acquires, cares and retains customers.

As a consequence of these trends, one of the greatest challenges for the banking and financial sector is to create more efficient and effective ways of accessing financial products and, at the same time, ensure safety in the transfer of information.

Direct BPO is aware and is frontline in new forms of users´ interaction with financial services. We provide end-to-end solutions for which the main objective is to offer the best experience to each customer. We provide a fully integrated Omniplatform experience, which can include, depending on customer needs, all communication alternatives – from traditional call service, to consistent and integrated social, mobile and interactive platforms.


Banking, Financial & Insurance Services



The Technology industry represents a strategic pillar of the economy, which by making use of disruptive innovation, transforms industries and creates new business and transactional models. Technological areas within corporations already became the new corporate strategists and trends such as cloud computing, big data and social media are shaping the future of the organizations.

The players in this industry, even more than in others, must be at the forefront and become innovative to avoid obsolescence and the loss of competitiveness.

By using state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, Direct BPO supports organizations to optimize their business processes, streamline their operations and provide customers true value and best in class experiences through innovative practices, which in the end will contribute to the improvement of their sales strategies and market positioning.

The consumer goods industry is facing new challenges; new regulations on consumption arise, taxes increase and globalization and environmental impact related issues become more and more common every day. As an example regulatory trends in the food and beverage space include a thorough review of various aspects such as nutritional composition, restrictions on chemicals and preservatives and presentation of specific data on packaging. This affects the sector as a whole and can have a profound impact on customer care and business process efficiency. A key to success in this challenging environment is to maintain a good marketing strategy and excellent customer care, ensuring a profitable and beneficial relationship for all.

Direct BPO’s higher value customer experience solutions enable consumer good companies to augment and enhance the engagement model with their customers across all channels of communication thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty while generating valuable insights about consumer trends and needs, a key source of competitive advantage in a fast evolving industry.


Consumer Goods

In today’s increasing digitalized environments, government and parastatals and wholly owned government entities are pushed to provide more efficient and cost effective public services every day. This include public services that can be delivered through the most convenient communication channel to each and all citizens.

Efficient government and administrations will improve the living standards of the population by ensuring flawless administrative processes and successful adoption of new technologies when engaging with their citizenship.

Direct BPO is poised to be a strategic partner in the modernization process embraced by large public administration to answer the increased communication demands of their citizens. Direct BPO is able to develop solutions for implementation of government and citizen engagement, helping the public sector institutions to better serve and relate with their people.




Communi-cations & Media

Traditional media and entertainment outlets are inevitably migrating to digital platforms. Content production and consumption has increased in online environments and has decreased in physical formats. On demand systems and multiplatform schemes allow users to customize the selection of content which by design must be interoperable, immediate and interactive.

This digital era demands traditional media to break with established paradigms and bet heavily on new business models, platforms and content formats, expanding and extending user experiences to new territories every day.

Direct BPO´s unique understanding of the customer dynamics impacting such an evolving and technology sophisticated industry, enables us to customize end-to end solutions that guarantee best customer experience delivered through a state-of-the-art ommnichannel platform

Logistics costs can generate a deficit in business due to lack of planning, inventory management, storage, transportation and distribution. In emerging countries such as Botswana, logistics costs often represent up to 42% of sales.

The key to balance costs and have an efficient global operation involves implementing technology and an appropriate indicator system for logistics management. As a result, companies will have indicators that reflect real, useful and easy information to make decisions.

The final and most important point of any supply chain process is the customer; at Direct BPO, we make sure that high value and proficient levels of satisfaction are delivered to our clients´ customers.

We ensure a healthy logistics operation, which will inevitably result in the attainment of our customers´ business goals.


Transport & Logistics



Higher education campuses like private schools, colleges and universities exist in a highly-competitive landscape. That’s why we build your pre-qualification program using scripted benefits that set your school apart. We execute targeted campaigns where we work to strengthen your market position, while acting as a seamless extension of your institution.

Our agents are trained in the art of customer engagement, and use conversational techniques to encourage dialog with your prospects. Once leads are qualified, we use persuasive and empathetic conversations to accelerate interest in your institution.

Our programming also includes customer service programs, designed to solve issues or challenges that your customers might encounter. We cater to your brand and your goals, acting as a virtual representative of your organization.